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Obtaining and Using Your Personal Information
The can ask for membership purpose and more personal members and users. Optimize this information, provide efficient and quality service, focus on customer profile in the market activity of various products and services. agrees to take all necessary measures for planning and / or working with technical planning and / or e-mail. Except in special cases, personal information is not shared and used in commercial places and sold without prior notice and approval of our members.

a. Bloody, Decree Law, Regulation etc. compliance with the requirements of the legal rules,

b. Information was requested by the authorized administrative or judicial authorities regarding the conduct of a research or investigation,

c. • Information security to protect users' rights or security. is committed to keeping your personal information strictly private and confidential, in your confidential protection, and to ensure that the status of confidentiality and the management of the use of all or any of the ongoing, confidential information, whether it is unauthorized or unauthorized or to expose another person, and to take the necessary care . In order for to provide the necessary information security, if it sees any protection problem as a result of attacks on the system and the system, or if it becomes a member after becoming a member, the must have any responsibility. As per the Law no. 5651, the system system and the person who provides the service and services are usually planned, and the use of the IP address is planned in order to identify the problems related to the system and to resolve the problems in your Web Site immediately. IP addresses can be defined on a general computer and also on demographic information collection., interpreter and "Portal", interpreter, technical and contact information (Cookie-Cookie) can be obtained using. These technical communication files are small text files that are sent to an internet browser in the main memory. Technical communication file about the status of a website and preferences Technical communication file, "Portal" how many hotels were used, in a room "Portal" in which hotel, how many times we visit and how long we have information about. The technical communication file was designed to retrieve data or any other personal information from your main memory or email. Many of the browsers can be considered a clear technical protocol.

Our users can place cookies on their computer while browsing our website, in order to give you information about what is happening in the adress of the ad partner company adRoll. So we can advertise the size as we can make the products you are interested in. The Cookie app never collects personal information, such as your name, email address, phone number. From this page ( AdRoll is a targeted ad application, so you can do that.

Google AFS ads can be redirected to DressBus, where you need to be placed on the Google USERS browser, or read cookies on them, or on the website with the aim of obtaining information.

Leaving E-Mail List can be sent regular or irregular information e-mails because the statement is not requested. or third class promotions can be included in these e-mails. Members can request that this update be stopped by using the routers in the incoming e-mails at any time.

Our customers can access all the information they enter into the system themselves and they can change themselves, there is no possibility for someone to access this information and change them. Where our site links to other websites, the privacy and security policies of those sites are valid for all uses and transactions and our site is not responsible for the situations encountered as a result of the applications of other sites. You agree to be bound by the terms of this Privacy and Security Policy when you sign up, visit, and shop. For any questions and suggestions regarding our Privacy and Security Policy, please contact us through the "contact" section of our website. elbisebul; This Privacy and Security Policy may be changed unilaterally at any time, provided that it is published on Our website publishes its Privacy and Security Policy provisions in the Privacy section of and enters into force from the date it is published.

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